Is “Non-video” even a thing anymore?

I was tinkering around with the idea of drawing up a comic or a blog for Psychostick since it’s been a really long time. When the pandemic thing started it would seem that everything changed. Down became up, dogs living with cats, mass hysteria, etc.

I try to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t work, and it would seem that most “relevant” content is in some sort of video format, whether it’s a simple YouTube video or whatever.

I think, “Does anyone even write blogs anymore? Are there web comic artists able to make a decent living, or is everything moved to vlogs or animation?” I feel like I need to research this more, but I will admit that I do find myself gravitating towards video reviews and not so much written reviews. I might consider pulling back from visual stuff and focus more on music production until it makes sense to visit this subject again.

Here’s something to chew on: Is the written word and/or web comic defunct because of the younger generation(s) sharing TikTok vids, OR are there so many people active on the internet that it really doesn’t matter and there’s always an audience for whatever you create? I personally am leaning towards that. I’m starting to think that if you use the dreaded social media to SHARE your creativity, that’s a sort of “spark” that lights the flame. I just have a bit of a disposition towards social media, which makes it difficult to feel inspired to create something like a comic or blog.

I also don’t have a ton of creative bandwidth at the moment either. Arrgh. It’s times like these that I feel like I need to spend a tremendous amount of energy just purging stuff I know I’ll never get around to, which is really tough because I want to do all the things.

Anyway, off I go. I’ll try to type up some more thoughts for those who are interested in engaging, but I promise nothing. Heh!