Category: Life

  • Rethinking, recalculating

    I’ve been experiencing a bit of a rough patch lately, and I think I finally narrowed down the reasons why. Humans are drawn to all things negative. It’s our nature. It’s how we’ve evolved. “Look out, Ug! Dangerous things afoot! Must survive! Be alert for danger! Ug!” If something bad is happening to someone else, […]

  • This is fine.

    I don’t even know what to say. The (finally/hopefully receding) coronavirus pandemic, Russia attacking Ukraine, the ever-widening political divide, I just ran out of crunchy peanut butter – everything seems like it’s on fire and all we can do is watch it burn. You guys don’t need to hear my overly detailed opinion on these […]

  • Oh Hai 2021.

    Happy 2021 everyone! Mostly. I’ve got a bunch of crap to say, and if you’re reading this, sit back and enjoy a cup ‘o joe, because it might be a long one. This is partially due to some very recent events (as of this post), and if there’s any way I can lend some sort […]