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  • Is “Non-video” even a thing anymore?

    I was tinkering around with the idea of drawing up a comic or a blog for Psychostick since it’s been a really long time. When the pandemic thing started it would seem that everything changed. Down became up, dogs living with cats, mass hysteria, etc. I try to pay attention to what works and what […]

  • Learn, learn! LAWRN!

    Streaming video games isn’t for me. *gigantic, massive sigh of relief* This was a tough realization for me to uh… realize. I couldn’t really believe that the prospect of “playing video games and potentially making money from playing said video games” would ever remotely seem unappealing, because on paper that sounds amazing. The reality of […]

  • Oh hey there! *insert 1996 under construction .gif here*

    I’m movin’ the old back from Tumblr. You can always browse the archive if you want. I’m trying to kind of gravitate away from social media controlled craziness to focus on creating things and juggling my many weird projects. This kind of gives me an “old man” mentality here I guess. Whatevs. I’ve been […]